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Uniform Policy

Uniforms must be neat and clean, and shirts must be tucked in at all times.
Uniforms may be purchased at the store of your choice, provided they meet the following guidelines:

The Anne Darling Elementary uniform consists of the following options:

Navy blue skirts and jumpers: Girls’ navy chino or polyester knee-length skirts/jumpers.

Girls’ Capri length pants: Girls may wear navy chino “school uniform style” Capri length pants.

Navy Blue long pants and knee-length shorts: Girls’ and boys’ chino navy pants and knee-length shorts must be the appropriate size, and have belt loops and two side pockets (no baggies, logos, short shorts or cargo pants). Dark solid color belts are optional. Leggings and “sweatpants” are not allowed as pants. No jeans, leggings, or athletic attire are permitted.

Shirt/Blouse: White, navy, or grey collared shirt.

Sweatshirts and sweaters: Anne Darling students may wear plain navy blue, white or gray sweatshirts (crew, zip hood or hoodie), fleece (jackets or pullovers) and sweaters (cardigan and pullover), no logos. No other sweatshirts or sweaters may be worn at school. 

Shoes: Black closed toed shoes only.
Sandals, high-heels, wheeled and musical shoes are not acceptable. Ugg boots are not recommended because wearing them can make participating in PE difficult. Soccer cleats are not allowed.

Socks, Leggings and tights: Solid navy blue or white leggings only can be worn under a skirt only.

Coats and jackets: Students may wear navy blue, grey, or black sweaters or jackets while out on the playground. Please note that coats/jackets may not be worn in the classroom (sweatshirts or sweaters that conform to the Uniform Policy may be worn in the classroom).

Hats, caps and head coverings: Hats, caps and other head coverings are not permitted, except during approved activities or for documented religious or medical reasons. Sun-protective hats may be worn outdoors only. (A sun protective hat has a brim large enough to protect the face, back of neck and ears).

Anne Darling Sweatshirt and T’shirt: The Anne Darling T-shirt or Sweatshirt may be worn any day of the week. These are for sale in the office.

Some suggested stores to purchase uniform items: Fallas (Capitol and McKee), Wal-Mart stores, and the J.C. Penney’s catalog.